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The video above resonates with far too many parents decimated by an unconscionable judge.  Share your story too, you can help us raise awareness and end judicial brutality.

Is your judge for sale?  CLICK HERE for the O-F-L profile of Judge Thomas Trent Lewis, to let you decide if his court is available to the highest bidder$$$/litigator.  Does your judge propogate a "Winner-Take-All" divorce by heavily favoring the party afforded lopsided litigation?  Does your judge demonstrate an aversion to *ADR?

...we want to hear your story.

*Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to a variety of processes that help parties resolve disputes without a trial. Typical ADR processes include mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation, and collaborative law.  Courts which propagate ADR result in "Win-Win"outcomes which allow families to quickly resume their post divorce lives in the best interest of their children.   Courts which propogate conflict and litigation (i.e. an aversion to ADR) result in "Winner-Take-All" outcomes which lead to the emotional and financial destruction of families whom are held captive to many years of excessive litigation - parents, children, extend families...and tax payers all "losers" - In the "Winner-Loser" divorce, the highly litigious party who can significantly outspend the other party are the decisive winners; although the real winners are the "judge for sale" and their partners in crime - the favored attorneys.  

O-F-L | Our Family Law

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Work-in-Progress Below....

In addition to the case studies, O-F-L will provide you with the case law "intended" to protect the public. Unfortunately, the rampant Abuse of Discretion on the rise in our judicial has setback hundreds of years of case law evolution.   You will learn the United States Constitution holds little to no value to the "bad apples" among our judicial leadership - Even our First Amendment Right to Religion under the United States Constitution is no longer sacred.   Why is our judicial regressing?...O-F-L will provide you the answers and expose those responsible for the regression in our courts (we will put a face to "The Last of The American Oppressors")...and most importantly hold them accountable. 

 Abuse of Discretion is the key factor in most judicial violations against the public (judges emblazoned by a lack of accountabilty - absolute immunity), the increasing abuse of discretion has resulted in: The loss of the peremptory challenge (disqualification, recusal), violations of due process, alarming constitutional violations, acts of malice and cruel and unusual punishment, violations of civil liberties, fraud, conflict of interest, "turning a blind eye" to judicial crimes & corruption (fraternity culture), inequitable division of property (community and separate property), abuse of discretion in move-away cases, Winner-Take-All divorces...much more under key words below. 
O-F-L will also cover the blatant and egregious Lawyer Bias in our courts which only becomes more prevalent in the higher courts.   Areas we will address include: the "Right to Counsel" and/or public access to paralegal and other court resources available only to attorney's - and NOT to the public!!  When the Self Represented (Pro Per / Pro Se) is forced to represent themselves against an attorney, the Pro Per often represents themselves against an entire law firm which has a wealth of legal training and decades of practicing law - Worse yet, the law firm is supported with additional paralegal support, tools and staff which the courts will not allow a Pro Per / Pro Se to access. 

Click on Paralegal Regulations to see the regulations in your state - O-F-L intends to evolve the paralegal profession nationally to ensure this valuable low cost resource plays a more prominent role in leveling the playing field for the Self Represented.   See the Locatelli Case, the court forced Locatelli into Pro Per, but would not allow Locatelli access to the wealth of legal resources the opposing law firm was afforded - our courts cannot be enablers to insurmountable David vs. Goliath match-ups (equivalent to our judicial playing the New England Patriots in a football game), which result in the party afforded counsel pummeling a hapless Pro Per.      

O-F-L | Our Family Law
O-F-L | Our Family Law

Family Law Reform coming soon...

CLICK HERE for Case Study Examples [more will be provided upon the O-F-L site launch]

"Lawyers run the country, we make the laws and when we do we make them, we make them advantageous to the lawyers".
- 60 Minutes January 31, 2016* 

 The vast majority of judges epitomize the honor they swore to uphold; however, as our home page demonstrates tolerance for the bad apples among our judicial is a significant concern.  Example: We are aware of at least 12
CJP complaints filed against the judge profiled in the link above, yet he will continue the same pattern of abuse until he decides to retire (much like a bad tenured teacher). 


Most of us know a bad/unethical lawyer?  These bad guys may become our next "Family" Law judge.  Therefore, this page will focus on those *bad judges / bad apples (the worst judicial offenders spoiling the judicial) and provide you with real world accounts of blatant Abuse of Discretion and Malice targeted at the poor and vulnerable - in essence a judicial war of terror and exploitation of those unable to afford justice (easy targets).   How can YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE help stop the bad guys/judicial bullies?  ...See our Case Law page.

*O-F-L is pro attorney, pro judicial and pro family (gender neutral) - we seek "Justice for All" / "Access to Justice" and change in the Judicial Fraternity (click on title for examples) which in turn will restore the public's trust in our  judicial.  We cannot allow our children to grow up in a world where our law enforcement and judicial officers are the "bad guys", please be a change leader and support Our Family Law and the Pathways to Success Program.

The Our Family Law | O-F-L Movement is spearheading change to the American "Injustice" System. "There’s an old saying that, ‘You get as much justice as you can afford.’ And most people can’t afford any justice at all." — Gloria Allred Our Family, Our Children, All Lives Matter | Our Family Law [O-F-L], Freedom and Justice for All
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