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Commission on Judicial Performance Audit

1. Commission on Judicial Performance | CJP has a bi-annual review of their rules and public comment period is set to begin shortly. 

2. CJP has reported they have been advised the audit could happen "
anytime ", they interpreted that to mean any time as early as this year, or as late as 2017.

The State Auditor shall conduct the audit independent of the judicial.  The State Auditor previously  published a 2015 report on an audit of the State Bar , with an update in 2016.  The two agencies are not connected, but you can look to the State Bar Audit for a general sense as to how the CJP audit will be performed.

Latest update: Progressive lawmakers moved mountains to improve judicial accountability by voting for the first ever CJP audit.   However, in spite of initial comments by the CJP welcoming transparency, the CJP quickly filed a lawsuit (likely to cost taxpayers millions) to render the audit irrelevant by litigating for confidentiality - clearly their last ditch effort to hide bad practices which have protected bad judges.  Please contact your audit leaders (below) and the elected officials in your district to show your support for full disclosure - we need to allow our state auditors to do their job, improved judicial accountability will benefit all Californians (the social welfare impact of a bad judicial impacts everyone).     

Please note the tremendous scrutiny the CJP is under is not entirely fair...The CJP Charter is overly restrictive and they are somewhat handcuffed by an anonymity clause which restricts deterrence measures.  Judges who have a history of abuse and/or numerous complaints against them continue their abuse with no consequence, not even a warning.   Also, there is no vetting of CJP case data when determining judicial assignments; therefore, the worst judicial offenders are often promoted if they are strong political influencers. 

CJP Audit Leadership:

California State Auditor's office audits and reports on state agencies that it has identified as being at high risk for waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement or that have major challenges related to efficiency or effectiveness.

- Elaine M. Howle, CPA

"JLAC does not attempt to pre-determine the outcome of any audit," Christopher Craig, speaking for Freddie Rodriguez, chair of the legislative committee responsible for the audit, told the Northern California Record. "The audit process is designed to be objective and credible."

- Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez | Joint Committee on Legislative Audit [ JLAC ]

Further details on the CJP Audit will be provided soon...

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