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O-F-L AWARDS  AWARENESS, further details provided below.... 


...Have an idea to help us raise awareness?  Make us an offer!  A little ingenuity could earn you $1000+ in minutes!

How best to get the word out?  An award!  To help with the premise - the greater the coverage, the greater the award.  For example: To get O-F-L on shows similar to TMZ and EXTRA (now at Universal) is extremely easy for those with a little creativity and will garnish a lower reward.  To get O-F-L on the presidential agenda it is going to take even more creativity, thus will garnish a greater reward...get the idea how the award system will work?  

California Strong - O-F-L is Southern CA-based | Innocent Family Project is Northern CA-based - Combined with our strong presence in Hollywood/Tinseltown and San Francisco/Sacramento there are no better places to lead a Next Generation Civil Rights Movement - May the countdown begin...

National Goals - O-F-L is partnering at a national level to fix a problem in EVERY state. Because California has fallen behind progressive states spearheading the "access to justice" movement, we see an opportunity in CA to take a holistic approach to model a program other states can follow.  See our Pathways to Sucess page to learn how our program is building on success in other states to optimize a model for everyone.

Your time is significantly more valuable to us; however, you can also donate to raise awareness...


​100% of the proceeds will go to the award recipients - the more you contribute the greater the incentive to raise awareness.  

Award recipients are required to submit video proof to claim an award - further details will be provided when we launch our O-F-L Awareness Campaign.

The Our Family Law | O-F-L Movement is spearheading change to the American "Injustice" System. "There’s an old saying that, ‘You get as much justice as you can afford.’ And most people can’t afford any justice at all." — Gloria Allred Our Family, Our Children, All Lives Matter | Our Family Law [O-F-L], Freedom and Justice for All
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