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American Injustice System - 2015 Report Card 

Judicial Integrity  - F

Accountability      - F​

In 2015, the Commission on Judicial Performance, received 1,245 new complaints against judges, the most in the last decade.

Though complaints rose every year but one during that span, the commission initiated formal proceedings — the equivalent of an official misconduct charge — in less than 1% of them each year (see "Toothless Watchdog" - SF Chronicle)...

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"There’s an old saying that, ‘You get as much justice as you can afford.’ And most people can’t afford any justice at all."
— Gloria Allred

The O-F-L Movement  is spearheading efforts to provide greater "Access to Justice" - Please visit the O-F-L Case Studies page to better understand how severely the legal system is stacked against the Pro Per / Pro Se / Self-Represented even before entering a courtroom.  To learn how you can participate in the O-F-L Movement - please click on our contact link.

The party afforded an attorney succeeds in 75%+ of cases - like "shooting fish in a barrel" for the party afforded counsel.  The exploitation of parents/families not afforded legal counsel is becoming a major social concern as the inequality gap widens -  within the next 10 years the pro se will reach a staggering 90% of family law litigants!
See: Elkins Family Law Task Force Report 

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You are now paying a premium for the lowest performing court in state history?!  The 2016 judicial budget increased to $3.8 billion?!  Fortunately, the public’s tolerance for “Indifference”/“Business as Usual” is changing and the old establishment is slowing eroding.   Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have taken the presidential primary by storm, because they “get it” – the public deserve better, we deserve above average integrity grades and a system which is accountable.


California champions of justice, Assemblywoman Catharine Baker and Senate Judiciary Chairwoman, Hannah-Beth Jackson have bravely taken on the old establishment and demanded greater judicial accountability.  Through their valiant effort's the Commission on Judicial Performance will no longer be the "Toothless Watchdog" described in the SF Chronicle article provided above.  Assemblywoman Baker and Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson are not going to allow our children to grow up in a world where our law enforcement or judicial officers are the "bad guys".   These brave law makers are inspiring others to engage and become a check and balance to areas of law out-of-control.  Among the new change leaders are Donna D'errico and Anthony Locatelli  (both are running for County Supervisor) who will become a force for change in Southern California.  Among their county goals and objective, they will accelerate family law initiatives similar to those outlined on our Pathways to Success page.

Visit our Commission on Judicial Performance Audit page for the latest developments from the audit. 

What about "Access to Justice"?  Is there an easy fix?  Absolutely.  Please see our "Pathways to Success" Progam page for more detail.

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The Our Family Law | O-F-L Movement is spearheading change to the American "Injustice" System. "There’s an old saying that, ‘You get as much justice as you can afford.’ And most people can’t afford any justice at all." — Gloria Allred Our Family, Our Children, All Lives Matter | Our Family Law [O-F-L], Freedom and Justice for All
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